Injured in Glasgow Road Banana Incident

1931 Springwell Railway Bridge 1 gets renovated

1931 Springwell Railway Bridge 1 gets renovated

On Saturday afternoon of 11th August 1934, at the Whistleberry Bridge, Blantyre, a motor delivery lorry belonging to Messrs Elder & Fyffe, banana merchants, Motherwell, was involved in a smash, and the driver had a remarkable escape from serious injury.

The lorry swerved to avoid a collision with another car and cycle, and ran on the pavement for a considerable distance, and then glanced off an electrical standard. It was hurled right across the road, and came to a halt against the five-foot iron rails at Springwells. The lorry was loaded with boxes of bananas, and these were scattered all over the road. William Cleland, residing at 6 Gladstone Street, Burnbank, who was walking on the pavement, was caught by the falling boxes, and was injured on the head but later was able to proceed to his home. The driver, fortunately, escaped without injury.

Pictured is the bridge at the scene of the accident. Whistleberry Rail Bridge is no longer there.

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