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Lifeboat Trashed, 1908

On Sunday 28th June 1908, a despicable act of vandalism sent local police into an absolute frenzy of determination to catch the culprit. The Blantyre Ambulance Association some years earlier had built a special lifeboat, complete with oars and life saving equipment and at the same time bought two expensive life vests of modern design. […]

1910’s The Boathouse

This commonly produced postcard was recently on e-bay and has title, ‘The Boat House, Uddingston”. Actually it would be better phrased saying “Viewed from Uddingston”, for the boathouse at Boatland, Blantyreferme was actually in Blantyre Parish on the western side of the River Clyde boundary. The buildings were old. One of them had 1667 above […]

Boathouse Video

NHS Doctor Peter Gordon lives in Bridge of Allan and has an interesting hobby, making homemade films on a variety of subjects. Peter contacted me recently sharing this lovely little film about Blantyre. He told me, “I make films out of love. They are home-made and are not for profit or status. I just do […]

1910 Boathouse outside the door

  All fruit grown at Boathouse, Blantyre (i.e, Apples, Pears, Plums and various Berry fruits) were stocked in the local shops belonging to the Brown family. The Brown’s shops were located at 83 Main Street, Union Buildings, Uddingston, Baillieston was c/oStark 110 Main Street, and the third was in Bothwell. After Archibald died in 1912 and […]

1900 Four Generations of Family

  Some photos can be extremely special, like this one taken around 1900, shared here by Jenny Day. Pictured at Boathouse, near Blantyreferme are 4 generations of the same family. From the left, is Christina Brown (nee Braid), her mother Jessie Braid holding Chris Ford, daughter of Katie Ford (nee Brown) standing right, who was […]