1910’s The Boathouse

1920s Boat House

This commonly produced postcard was recently on e-bay and has title, ‘The Boat House, Uddingston”. Actually it would be better phrased saying “Viewed from Uddingston”, for the boathouse at Boatland, Blantyreferme was actually in Blantyre Parish on the western side of the River Clyde boundary.

The buildings were old. One of them had 1667 above the lintol, which if it survived  to this day would have made it the second oldest Blantyre house. However, it is gone. No longer there, but perhaps best remembered for the extensive orchards at the rear and the large glass houses for fruit and veg.

This was also the home (on the far right) of Boat Jock, a nickname given to John Scott, allegedly given for when you needed the ferry boat, all you simply had to shout over was “Boat Jock”. The ferry boat (wooden rowing boat) operated regularly and was recorded as “hapenny” single and one penny return, the same fare matched to the Pey Suspension Bridge much further upstream,

The ‘beach’ is still there and can be found quite easily a few hundred yards down from the Clyde Bridges.

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  1. I’ve been doing research if my ancestors, and my great grandfather had his address and ‘Boathouse’ Uddingston.his name was Thomas Brown.

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