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NHS Doctor Peter Gordon lives in Bridge of Allan and has an interesting hobby, making homemade films on a variety of subjects.

Peter contacted me recently sharing this lovely little film about Blantyre. He told me, “I make films out of love. They are home-made and are not for profit or status. I just do what I do – as well as I can – in the spirit of helping us all appreciate our rich and wonderful culture.”

This is a film about Alexander MacCallum Scott, MP, who was born in Boathouse (Boat Jocks), Blantyre, on the 16th June 1874. 

MacCallum Scott was MP for Bridgeton, Glasgow until 1922.  He was Private Secretary to Winston Churchill and wrote the first biography on Winston. MacCallum Scott supported Home Rule, Women’s rights and reforms to poor law and welfare.

MacCallum Scott asked that his name was withdrawn for an OBE.

MacCallum Scott and his wife were killed in a plane crash over Puget Sound, Canada, in late August 1928. Their only son was raised by Ramsay MacDonald, the then Prime Minister.

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