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Stonefield Tavern (Teddies Pub)

   The Stonefield Tavern is one of Blantyre’s best known pubs. Situated in a prime location on the south side of Glasgow Road, directly opposite the junction of Station Road, it has good frontage opening directly out on to the pavement and remains popular to this day.    It may surprise you however, to learn […]

The Priory Bar, Blantyre

From my book, “Blantyre Glasgow Road South – The Real Story” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017 Priory Place & The Priory Bar     Priory Place was a former 19th and 20th Century building situated at the eastern corner of Glasgow Road and Logan Street junction. It comprised primarily of a popular public house (named the […]

Cosy Corner Public House

Cosy Corner Public House was a former public house with address 206 Glasgow Road at the corner with 1 Greenside Street. The building dates back to 1875, when brothers William and Thomas Hart bought a vacant field, previously never built upon and constructed a tenement 154 feet long facing on to and opening on to […]

Logan’s Public House – High Blantyre

A Glasgow Herald newspaper report of February 1886 commented that the estate of the late Alexander Sherriff was selling his public house and properties at Kirkton, High Blantyre. As described on this website, this is commonly thought to have been the buildings that once stood at the corner of Hunthill Road and Main Street, on […]

Sherriff’s Pub & Bruce’s Pub, High Blantyre

Next, a subject that has taken me a long time to investigate. High Blantyre Pubs of a bygone era. Very little information exists, other than local heresay about 19th Century pubs on Main Street, even old, local maps giving nothing away, so I knew from the onset, this would be a difficult subject. In particular, […]