“Red Burn Farm” Pub & Restaurant

2015 April. The Red Burn Farm, Blantyre Pub

2015 April. The Red Burn Farm, Blantyre Pub

Photographed on 20th April 2015, here’s an up to date look at Blantyre’s latest pub, “The Red Burn Farm”. The two storey building will also mean a jobs boost for Blantyre with up to 65 jobs being sought, 40 of which will be full time. The building will be a pub, dining and carvery and is due to open this Summer. Located just off Hillhouse Road at Priestfield Industrial Estate, (at first glance on this picture, i actually thought it looked a little like St Joseph’s Church from the side, i think perhaps though only really the colours and perhaps the pitched roof. )

The building commenced construction in Summer 2014.

The facility will accommodate 111 car parking spaces. The pub will be open from 11am to 11pm, with food served until 9pm, Monday to Sunday.

The pub is sited on the exact spot of the Blantyre Mining Disaster of 1877. Indeed, the old Dixons 3 pit itself had to be capped before construction could commence. It is hoped that management will take heed of the people of Blantyre and treat this site with utmost respect. It is wholly appropriate that inside the pub, the story of the mining explosion should be featured. More on that in due course.

2015, 2016 and 2017 are going to see massive changes to Pubs and Restaurants in Blantyre. I’ll be posting more about all the pubs from Blantyre through the ages, in due course.

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