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David Livingstone Centre by Andy Bain

Thanks to Andy Bain who took these great photos whilst walking through David Livingstone Centre recently. Photographed in October 2014, they show the gardens still in full bloom, despite Autumn being well and truly there at the time. I have to say the gardens are looking remarkably well tended recently, a credit to the centre […]

The ‘Ma Robert’ departs

This photo from the earliest days of photography in 1860 shows the  ‘Ma Robert’, Dr Livingstone’s ship on the second Zambesi expedition of, photographed on the Zambesi at Lupata, Africa. It was captured by Livingstone’s colleague Edinburgh doctor Sir John Kirk. The date is likely as being around 1860. The Zambesi Expedition (1858-1864), which was […]

Queen Visits Blantyre Miners Welfare

There’s no doubt about it, the second world war years must have been tough on the people of Blantyre. So, what better way to lift morale and community spirit by having none other than the King and Queen visit Blantyre in 1942. We would know her as the current Queen’s mother. King George VI and […]