The Old Original Bar

Built in 1903, the Old Original Bar replaced an earlier public house at the corner of Stonefield Road and Glasgow Road called “Clive Place”.

Owners of the Old Original included Robert Craig, Frank Benham, James Jones and numerous other private landlords and brewers. However, Robert Craig, was the “Old Original” owner.

This photo was shared by Margaret McGaulley.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Maggs McGaulley Was 2 when we lived there my Mum & Dads first flat
Tony Druggan Great pub.Always knew it as “Craigs”.
Monica Lennon My gran Bella McGlynn worked in ‘Craigs’ for years. Remember when I was a wee girl going there with her often and getting a soft drink
Stephen Anderson My granny ran the pub in the 60’s and 70’s and lived directly above it in the corner flat. I believe it lay empty for almost 20 years until me and my wife bought it in 1991, living there for 9 years until we moved out needing a bigger house due to the birth of our daughter Ashley. Hope this helps fill in the history gaps.
Ellen Clarkin That’s how I remember it growing up
Davy Forrest Had many a good night in there a lot of years ago
June Hislop Wasn’t there a wee snug on the left as you went in the door ?
Isabel Mcneily I remember the snug well
Carol King Years ago I was only a visitor to  Blantytre and was in – I remember a lovely gantry – great tiled floor and very hood cool lager !!eas told it was because they had a great cellar – seems a shame to see it shut but times have so moved on.
Fay Martin Snug was on right from Chapel door
Joe Allan Great wee pub died a death later on
Teresa Logie What’s happening to it now a eyesore
Blantyre Project fit out seems to have stalled
Teresa Logie yes a noticed that, iv heard too many stories in wat its gonna be opening up to. But time will tell.

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