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1979 Council Collect ‘Pro Asda’ Signatures

  In January 1979, an intolerable situation existed in Blantyre. An agreement had been reached by Hamilton District Council with ASDA to provide a new store and work had even started on clearing the site. However, there was ONE major obstacle. The Co-op. Disgruntled at losing out to another supermarket, the Co-op had formally issued […]

Blantyre, Lennox, MA – connections?

I’ve been asked by several readers to clarify something found on the website http://www.blantyre.com Thats the website of an American 5 star luxury resort called Blantyre. The query I have received multiple times contests that Blantyre was modelled on a house in Blantyre, Scotland. To explore this, I needed to investigate the history of the […]

Ronald Paterson Wilson of Parkville

Mr Ronald Paterson Wilson, son of Dr John Cowan Wilson, Parkville, Blantyre, was appointed Chief Constable of West Sussex on 1st January 1935. When the vacancy occurred Mr Wilson was living at his parents’ house (now, the front of the Parkville Pub) and in 1934 when he heard of the position, had newly arrived home to Blantyre […]