Blantyre Thistle, 1967

1967 Blantyre Thistle at Parkville

Going back 52 years to 1967, I’m still hoping some of the Blantyre lads can be recognised in this photo.

From June 1967, this is Blantyre Thistle Football Team who won the 4th Division Championship by 6 clear points in their first season of the Lanarkshire Amateur League. The championship trophy was handed over in the Parkville Hotel by boxer Walter McGowan (beside the trophy), to skipper, Billy Kelly.

According to my notes, the Blantyre Thistle team in 1967 included Jimmy Perry, Joe Stoney, Davey French, George Longmuir, Hugh Swan, John Agnew, James Robertson, Terry Murphy, John Gorrance, Pat Cleary, Bill McMahon, Derek Burns, Eddie O’farrell, Dendy McCarroll (Manager), Billy Burns, Sam Wood, Billy Kelly, Danny McDougall, Patrick McGaulley and Jock McCarroll.
Blantyre Thistle Football Club was formed the year before. (1966)

Do you recognise any of the team?

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Davy Thomson Alan Barclay,, is that rosies dad,, bottom right??
Alan Barclay Davy Thomson aye
Stevie Mclean Bill Kelly reformed blantyre thistle 1990 ish got to the final of Scottish amateur cup 1991,most of these guys are still about blantyre,drinking in the parkville bar,reliving their glory years!!
Lesley Keith I am sure my Dad helped the Kelly’s with Blantyre Thistle. My Dad was John Crichton
Stevie Mclean Lesley Keith , yeah big boss Hogg and wee wullie hutchy, pair of characters, went everywhere, hail rain or snow, brilliant big guy and a gentleman.
Lesley Keith Ha ha thats right he used to get called Boss Hogg!
Mary McGaulley Pat McGaulley {my husband} Jock McCarrol Terry Murphy John Gorrance Joe Stoney his best friends along with all the others. Was there at the Parkville the night it was taken was an amazing night everyone was so proud of them
Andy Callaghan Mary McGaulley some familiar names n faces there Mary. I was brought up with Terry Murphy in Rosendale. The McGaulleys lived in the next close.
John Dunsmore Mary McGaulley the names you mentioned top lad
Mary McGaulley Andy Callaghan I was brought up in Rosendale I’m a Buchanan we lived in #4 The Broadleday’s in #3 the Darcy’s and the Ellis’s and of course the Callaghan’s who I think but not sure lived in #2 lived every minute of living there. My granny was the 1st one to get a tv and remember as many people as we could get in from the building to watch the Coronation in 1953 and the celebrations after it. Good days
Liz Jack We were the same in prefab in high Blantyre we had TV and everybody from all around were looking through the windows at the Coronation x
Mary McGaulley Liz Jack we thought we were ‘toffs’ in the early days when we had a black and white 12’’ but I think they were the happiest days of our lives. Hi Liz how are you and Arthur doing xx
Andy Callaghan Mary McGaulley yep, remember the Buchanans. You must have been really posh. We didn’t get a tv till i was 10. But i do remember the Coronation party. Sweets were still on the ration (I’ve still got my ration card) and we got a big mug full of caramels in some hall or other and a sausage roll, cakes n orange juice.
Angie Wood Stephen Liz Jack is that my right second one in? I feel like I have a copy of this pic somewhere.
Liz Jack Mary McGaulley hi May we r doing fine still young in the head but the old body tells us different how r u and Pat doing was in Canada last year
Ann Millar Awe! ma wee hero when i was young, WALTER McGOWAN.
Moira Mulvaney Pacheco I remember when There was football matches held in High Blantyre public park it used to be really busy with people watching them.
Mary Crowe Knew Danny McDougall from the prefabs and coatshill. The McGaulleys lived in the same street as us in coatshill and the Gorrance’s lived round the corner
John Cornfield What a picture fantastic
Margaret Quinn Brilliant pic
David Loughran Im sure my brother played fot them about that time Mick Loughran
Derek Burns Bill Burns my Dad back row middle
Sandy Williamson Derek Burns that’s a cracker of your dad Derek spotted that mischievous grin a mile away
Terry McMahon Chris McGowan, check this out – another Kelly/McGowan connection!
Caroline McDougall Clare Cunningham show this to my Uncle Danny xx
Carole Miller Gillian McKendrick need to show dad this. Is rhis pat mcgaulley from Canada? And auntie jeans brother walter mcgowan? X
Clare Cunningham Danny Mcdougall look grandad that’s u in the picture xx
James Cleary My dad the manager at the back behind John Gorance between Aggie and Billy Burns rip
Morag Mullen Know many of them especially my big brother Billy Burns. X
James Cleary Make no mistake about it was my auld man who was the manager of that team assisted by hi best mate Danny McDougal

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