ICMI Involvement & The Roux Family

A final extract from my book, “The History of Crossbasket Castle” by Paul Veverka (c) 2015

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2016– At the open day on 21stDecember 2015, the announcement was also made that Crossbasket had attracted the attention of exclusive Hotelier Chain ICMI and was to be incorporated into their portfolio. This exciting development meant business at Crossbasket would be done under the flagship name of ICMI, a trusted and well known name in the UK and abroad.

Another exiting development was not just that the property would become a luxurious hotel, as well as the wedding venue, but also it was to launch an amazing fine dining experience in the form of a restaurant by the world class Roux family.

Speaking of this development Alison commented in January 2016, We’re so invigorated and excited to now move forward with and be a part of the outstanding ICMI group bringing the fabulous customer service, exemplary standards and service befitting of Crossbasket castle. Luxury and highest of standards at the very core and be a part of such a prestigious and beautiful portfolio of stunning properties. The preview pre Christmas open day sampled the fabulous and amazing culinary delights offered by the legendary and outstanding Mr. Albert Roux and amazing team of chefs and was just a taste of things to come. Steve and I are so very proud and humbled by the marriage of such an amazing team of established, famous and talented individuals and people with Crossbasket truly magical and we look forward to sharing our beautiful Castle with so many…thank you” 

Speaking of Christmas time, Christmas at Crossbasket looked truly spectacular. The central part of the fountain in the front ornate gardens was removed and could accommodate a Christmas tree, which was brightly illuminated and at 35 foot or so, was perhaps the largest Christmas tree in Blantyre that year. Around that same time, the gardens had been extensively refurbished including a dramatic new staircase down to the terraced gardens.

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Grand Opening of a Renovated Crossbasket Castle

 The restaurant opened officially in the room originally intended as the drawing room on 1stMay 2016 and was well received, with plentiful bookings.

The rest of the Castle is now fully open as a wedding venue, hotel and restaurant. It is now available for engaged couples and their families and friends to enjoy an exclusive venue for Weddings or as an excellent venue for important celebrations, conferences and exhibitions.

There is nothing more special than seeing your dream come true. An excellent birthday gift for Steve, whom I’ve been told, recently turned 50 years young.


So ends this historical account of the Castle and its 34 owners. History will remember the Castle and the owners, not necessarily the author of an historical account, so I hope these words do find a way of being passed down to future owners. This is not self promotion or recognition, but instead a genuine hope that 22ndCentury owners and beyond will know what happened at Crossbasket and who lived here. 

My hopes also extend to those future generations upholding the property to the best of repair and maintenance and without the need to carve up or sell off any further part of the estate which in the course of its history has reduced from 304 acres to 14. Those 14 precious acres need protected, nurtured, added to and if you’re ever a guest at the Castle, explored fully. Meantime, I look forward to hearing of all the wonderful weddings, events, overnight stays and celebrations that will soon  take place there.

At time of writing this revision in June 2016, I hear rumours of a possible further accommodation and land and property acquisitions around the estate, which I hope is the case, but that, my friend is for future historians to write about. 

I firmly believe that the Timoneys recent renovation and extension has future proofed Crossbasket for many, many generations. Having already been around for more than 500 years, it has raised the bar for historic buildings in Lanarkshire and has set Crossbasket Castle up nicely for being here for another half millennium or more. 

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Donna Mae Brown Skutt So nice to see the interior of that lovely place you showed us last month!
Anna Shanks Stunning
Christine Wilkinson Stunning food was amazing
Joy McLennan How magnificent, with impeccably furnishings, with exemplary bones of the past intact!
James Richardson Had lots of lovely walks around Crossbasket years ago, It looks stunning.
Linda F. Smith I will be an overnight guest — one day! Had a delightful afternoon meal when visited 2 years ago. Perfect!
Karen Nicoll Absolutely Stunning!

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