1980 The last tenement


1980 Clydeview Shopping centre wmI’ve been asked a few times for photos of the Clydeview Shopping Centre being built. This one from Winter 1980 is pretty close taken from the top of the centre above whats now the lawyers office showing the scaffold still up as finishes to the roof took place just before opening.

Across the road, the last tenement on Glasgow Road has started to be demolished, which sat in front of the sports centre, then currently still being built out the picture to the right.

Removal of the tenements certainly opened up the road ready to be widened. I have to wonder at some of the protection used for the public. Boarded up windows and no fences as people walked by underneath? I suspect that this was a weekend and demolition had been suspended for the week.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,:

Carol Crombie Upto 3yrs old we stayed in this building then moved to Farm Road new builds
Andy Lynch Not any chance of buying a paper from Wullllie Pates original shop after this
Mary Boyle Your Aunty Minnie loved Pates & Peter Craig’s 😊
Elizabeth Grieve The Blantyre I remember

Catherine Davidson Asda destroyed blantyre . Glasgow road a shambles
Marian Maguire They should have left some of the tenements, some were lovely red sandstone.
Stephen Allan The bus stop is there now and that is why the road was probably widened.

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