McLaughlin’s Buildings, 1982

Lets go back next to 1982 and yet another brand new (old) photo for you! Pictured on the east side of Station Road, not far from the Station itself, is the old and former McLaughlin’s Buildings.

The Nicholson’s shop on the corner of this building had closed by this time and it is known the whole building was demolished not long after.

What’s your memories of McLaughlins’s Buildings?

1982 McLaughlins Buildings wm

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Carol Crombie Remember this building well, used to get sweets at the corner shop then scoot round the back of the building into the park
Rab Graham I was brought up there Mr Nicholson also had a piggery there where coal bunkers dust bin areas and a big washhouse at the back Mr Ross had a pigeon hut there i enjoyed living there
Richard Lees I was born at 116 Station Rd, which was an upstairs flat at the gable end of you great photo.
Colin Duffy Used go in to the shop every day on my to school
Liane Prentice I lived in the building from October 75-july 76. My mum and dad moved in October 72 x
John Lynaghan I lived in the village but used to go to the wee shop on my way to school also delivered milk and papers to a lot of the flats
Stephen Allan What is in place of those building now?
Elaine Hutcheson More houses
Stephen Allan Where is this on Station Road?
Janice Bickerstaff On the right hand side of you’re heading to the station. There are 4 or so detached houses there now.
Stephen Allan I think I know where you are now. Maybe I am right with this google street view screenshot.

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Lyne Carroll Rae Remember we were always in the shop! Great memories, I think it was 1984 the houses were built on the ground x
Marianne Timmons Great memories from running in & out the building the grounds at the back full of jaggy nettles lol xx
Elaine Hutcheson That’s when kids were kids Marianne Timmonsand times were good Gillian Melrose Lynn Ritchie look familiar? πŸ˜€ xx
Lynn Ritchie Ma wee street πŸ˜€ xx
Alison Walker-Hill Shop was owned by Barbour family in early 70s….I was at school with their son Stephen.
Alison Walker-Hill Sneaking through the gardens at back to squeeze through the fence into the park when it was locked!
Arlene McWilliam Green It was 2p for a packet of crisps and 7p for a can of coke. We lived on Farm Road and the wee shop was our local convenience. It had a deli fridge and they sold chopped ham and pork. Nyree McWilliam, Elaine Burns , Helen Williamson, Karen Rennie, Lorna Gilchrist hiw much of our pocket money did we spend in the wee shop lol.
My pal’s mum Jenny McKnight worked in it in the 1970s. I also remember collecting Karen Glen from your house in the building to take you to Sunday School!
Nyree McWilliam 20 Silk Cut Kingsize 😊 no worries about selling kids cigarettes In the 70’s.
Used to get the change from my dad’s pay slip as pocketmoney so we were always hoping for 99pπŸ˜‚
Karen Rennie I worked there on saturdays with mrs fraser i think i was about 13, wasn’t allowed to use the meat slicer but could sell fags πŸ˜‚ x
Marianne Timmons I always got 2oz of chopped pork for munching on going to school lol still love it πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
Stephen Barrett Yes, remember well lived there early/mid seventies ,5 pounds a month rent!
Jonny Barrett And all the luxury with that 5 pounds, like the outside toilet down the stairs. πŸ˜‚.
Janice Bickerstaff I worked in the shop and got Β£8 for a Saturday and Sunday. Mrs Fraser worked there too at the time. Oh those half penny and penny trays πŸ˜•
Stephen Barrett We lived in the top flat 112 station rd, the factor was a Mr Anderson and he had a Wee office in lamb st Hamilton.great memories with the park on our back door step.
Alan Crichton My mum and Get 4 sisters grew up in this building. Muirs

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