1915 Crossbasket, High Blantyre


1915 Crossbasket WW1 wm         A photo next from WW1. Whilst that terrible conflict ravaged European battlefields, this photo was taken in 1915 at High Blantyre. More specifically at Crossbasket Estate, then home to George Neilson. The photo was taken by a distant relative of mine.

   During this time owner George Neilson, who owned Summerlee Iron Foundry and Spittal Colliery was mostly absent on business in London. Norah Mary Neilson (nee Addie) and Thomas Paterson Neilson, one of George Neilson’s sons had been living at Crossbasket from 1904 until 1912. The couple had married in Uddingston on 17th August 1904 living at Crossbasket with George immediately after.

   As you can see, the tennis courts are located out front where now the formal gardens are. Even then, this grand house was well looked after, tended by many domestic servants. The stonework on parts of the building looks still new in places from modernisation and extensions. Given this was 112 years ago, the whole scene does actually look fairly unchanged, with perhaps the exception of the tall conifers now towering above on the opposite northern embankments.

What’s your memories of Crossbasket?

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Eleanor Clark lovely when our dad was a boy he was born 1909, he would walk passed Crossbasket House every Sunday.
Betty McLean The Salvation Army used to go there every year at Christmas to sing Carols. It seemed a long walk from Forrest St, I would be 14 years old at that time. I remember someone coming out to give a donation.

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