Christie’s Burn, Low Blantyre

Christie's Burn, Low Blantyre

1936 Christie’s Burn, Low Blantyre

In November 1962, to relieve flooding at Stonefield Road and the Public Park, a large outfall sewer was completed. The sewer was dual pipeline and was of sufficient capacity to permit the capture of both sewage and stormwater from all the nearby housing estates at Stonefield Road and the surrounding district.

A burn exists at Low Blantyre named “Christie’s Burn” (on the opposite side of the railway from Woodburn not far from Blantyre Station) and it there that the stormwater of these sewers empties into, following on to the River Clyde. The sewage of course, was directed beyond and over to the sewage works at Bothwell. The cost of the sewer was £19,700.

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Thomas Fallon I take it you have never been in the cellar I the Doonin bar it floods every winter due to flooding of that burn

The Blantyre Project I’d imagine its now servicing many , many more properties than it intended to back when it was upgraded.

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