1903 Bothwell Castle from Blantyre

This black and white picture is actually a real photograph from the 1890’s, which was touched up as a painting by artist Raphael Tuck. This was a common thing for Tuck to do until his death in 1900. In the early 1900’s his pictures were run as a series of well received postcards, and this one of Bothwell Castle was first released on 17th March 1903.

Other paintings of a similar scene by Raphael are attached. The vantage point is from Blantyre in front of Christie’s Burn, which was (and still is) located just along from Blantyre Works. The burn discharged into the River Clyde pictured.

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Henry Hambley Raphael. A great name for an artist !

Eoan Kerr It looks like the path that’s there now is slightly higher than the path in this picture

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