Blantyre Vics vrs Parkhead Football Club

1935 Blantyre Vics vrs Parkhead Football Club 9th Feb.

1935 Blantyre Vics vrs Parkhead Football Club 9th Feb.

Saturday 9th February 1935 saw a football match in Glasgow that was remembered for some time.

Blantyre Vics had travelled the few miles to Parkhead, to play against that team, of the same name. Parkhead Football Club was a founding member of the Scottish Junior Football League but the team no longer exists. Whilst the team played in traditional Celtic hoops, it should not be confused with being Celtic Football Club. Parkhead Football Club played at Helenslea Park in Parkhead, Glasgow and was dissolved in June 1963.

On that fateful day in 1935, Blantyre Vics were losing 3-0 at half time. The game looked over and it had been a half of casualties, misfortune and bad luck for the Vics. A Vics player, Murray was injured, the keeper soon followed and rarely had any football match in Scotland up until that point, seen so many players disrupting and contesting the decisions by the referee. Shaw, the Parkhead keeper had been outstanding and made some excellent saves.

However, things took a turn for the better for Blantyre Victoria in the second half, when they came from behind to score THREE goals, levelling a draw by full time! Scorers Geator, Lindsay and Murray. The excitement sent shockwaves back to Blantyre where the game was a talking point in pubs for many a year to come. Pictured on that very day of the 1935 match are Parkhead defenders, successfully clearing away one of Blantyre Vics opportunities.

A minor mystery exists with this photo. Whilst reporters at the time referred to it as being the Parkhead Football Club, Tom McGuigan pointed out that Kennaway the goalkeeper played for Celtic from 1931(which I agree with) and as such, the photo they put in the newspaper accompanying the story is actually Celtic Football Club

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