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Blantyreferme Anti Aircraft Battery

  The Whins or Blantyreferme Anti Aircraft (AA) Battery was situated to the North of the railway line and West of Blantyre Farm Road. It was built in response to the threat of Nazi air raids during World War Two. The site consisted of over 20 accommodation and administration wooden huts, an engineering hut, initially […]

Whins Camp Deputation 1949

  Conditions were difficult in the Blantyreferme camp in the immediate years of people flitting from Dechmont Camp over to Blantyreferme Whins camp in October 1948. From the Scotsman   Tuesday 18th January 1949     page 3 CAMP DEPUTATION.— A deputation consisting of two men and two women from the Whins Camp at Blantyreferme, Lanarkshire, have been […]