Whins Camp Deputation 1949



1948 Children flitting from Dechmont to Blantyreferme

Conditions were difficult in the Blantyreferme camp in the immediate years of people flitting from Dechmont Camp over to Blantyreferme Whins camp in October 1948. From the Scotsman   Tuesday 18th January 1949     page 3

CAMP DEPUTATION.— A deputation consisting of two men and two women from the Whins Camp at Blantyreferme, Lanarkshire, have been invited to attend to-morrow at Lanark County Council headquarters in Glasgow, where they will meet a subcommittee of the Local Authority who have agreed to give them a hearing concerning general conditions at the camp.

An outbreak of gastro-enteritis among children at the camp occurred about a month ago and there are still some children falling victim to the complaint. The deputation will seek to have several improvements carried out at the camp, and will also press for the provision of special transport to take the 80 children of school age, who have been on “strike” for nearly a fortnight, to and from the nearest schools in Blantyre.

In the above photo taken in October 1948, 3 year old Ann Taylor isnt going for a bath. She’s simply stealing a ride with her friends James (9) and Benny (7) Craig as they help unload furniture at their new Blantyreferme home at the Whins camp, having moved from Dechmont with their families. These are some of the children who needed vital transport to take them to school, rather than face long walks from the remote location.

With thanks to Gordon Cook for the Scotsman article.
From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2016

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