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Drowning at Blantyre Weir 1932

  A drowning tragedy took place on Saturday 25th June 1932 at the Blantyre Weir, which spans the River Clyde, between Low Blantyre and Bothwell. Along with several companions 10-year old Alex, McDermott, who resided with his parents at 45 Murray’s Building, High Blantyre, was walking across the upper ledge of the dam. He lost his footing […]

Occupiers & Owners of Mavis Mill

I’ve been looking at the previous owners and occupiers of Mavis Mill, near Priory Bridge. First built around 1770 by Alexander Corse, the mill was occupied by Charles Weir at that time. For whatever reason, the mill has changed hands many times over the centuries. In 1841, The Forrests were the millers at that location. […]