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1960s High Blantyre Industrial Estate

Continuing our look this week at Sanny McVicars excellent cine videos of Blantyre during the 1960s’ Sanny’s cine reels were converted by Blantyre Project and with his permission shared here for you all to see. Today, we’re looking at High Blantyre Industrial Estate, out with the dog, looking across to the timber houses and homes […]

1955 Aerial Photos of the Timber Houses

These 4 photos were taken in 1955 from the nearby Auchinraith Bing and feature the timber houses. Streets pictured include Birdsfield Drive and Bellsfield Drive, named after the 2 local farms, bought over by compulsory purchase order, to make room for new housing estates. This followed a shortage of homes in Blantyre that existed from […]