Timber Houses 1962


These two photos are taken from a short 1962 Lanarkshire film, that ever so briefly featured a scene in Blantyre. Pictured are the timber houses at the east side of Blantyre, and in particular views of Birdsfield Drive, Parkville Drive and Bellsfield Drive.

The houses still look very familiar although some of the high chimneys have now been lowered for safety. This was a time before the East Kilbride Expressway. Indeed, the small playpark you see in front of Bellsfield Drive sits on what is now actually the expressway!

I’m not old enough to remember this playpark, but I can tell you at the time, Birdsfield Drive continued on to the right, down a hill and out on to High Blantyre Main Street. I.e you could exit the timber houses, not just at Auchinraith Road, but also at the end of Main Street.

Dating to 1938, contractors building these homes, failed to meet the deadline dates and work continued on into 1939. The outbreak of WW2 prevented many people from entering the houses on the planned dates and this, combined with construction delays saw some of the newly built homes occupied by squatters initially.

The real gem, of course in this post, is the short colour film itself. I would high recommend watching all 18 minutes when you get a chance. Go grab a coffee. This was a time when East Kilbride took its modern new town shape, when the county buildings in hamilton were being built, when Ravenscraig was the major employment source. Its a riveting watch and you can catch a glimpse of Blantyre, with kids running and playing in the timber toon estate, right at the end in the final minute. Whats your memories of this area and the playpark?

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Moyra Lindsay My mum and dad were married in 36 Birdsfield Drive on 15 December 1939, their first baby died there age four months in 1942, and I was born there in 1946.
Elaine Hunter I always thought these houses were really nice when I was a wee girl

John Daly My gran (Daly) lived at 10 Birdsfield Drive.

Emma Trevethan i remember playing in that park was young. .. Also I always wanted to live in “the timber houses” we just lived up the road in Maxwell Crescent. X

Geordie Kerr Rodger remember it well stayed in 22 birdsfield with my parents and grandparents till I was 6 then my mum and dad got a house in hawthorn place

Jonny Yonner Jourgerson I have one of those up in fernigair smile emoticon brilliant we hoose!

Stuart Tremble Video is in great condition for its age

Raymond Henderson my mum and dad still live there!…number 2 Bellsfield Drive!… Danny Henderson 🏻️

Alan Smith There was a burn nearby with a massive rope swing which I fell off and don’t to this day know how I didn’t break (at least) any bones!

Carolyn Whittaker My mum talks about the park, her family lived at 26 birds field drive, my aunt still lives there today. The house has been in our family since they were built X

Maisie Whittaker I lived at 26 Birdsfield drive until I got married.i use to play down the burn jumping the steps and got into trouble my dad use to day that’s dirty water from the pit

Carl Keir Cracking pictures

Gary Doonin A burn was in front of where the bottom of chute was and came across road at Main St ,at Kirkton side where the rope swing was .Paul Paul Veverka I think I asked before where did this burn come from and what was its name ,obviously at Timber Hooses part now culverted ,I’m sure burn ran down to Limetree area .

Alan Baird i think that burn rose from a spring up towards shott farm or the brickie then its underground through jeruselem scheme and waverly terrace

Soraya Boyd We lived at 17 birds field drive loved that house .We had great fun in the swing park xx

Sheila Strang My wee houses xx❤️❤️

Cecilia McDaid McCann Best houses. Love my house.😀

Kellie Jackson Geraldine Brown Rowatt x

Aileen Hamilton Thanks Paul, watched the film, loved it but I’m left with strange mixed feelings.

Annmarie Limerick Strang Gary the burn run from the old black bing at the Kirkton side. Was told that it comes from the rotten Calder. Now runs under through pipes. You can still smell it on hot days.

Fran Mcdermott Walters My mate lived up there..lovely x

Isabell McGinty Cain I can remember playing in the park and thinking the house s were very posh.

Anne Marie Murray We used to go every Sunday to visit my grandparents who stayed in Birdsfield Dr. We used to get play on those swings….

Viv Millar Spent many a day in the park with my cousins annmarie and soraya, my nan and my auntie isa lived in birds field drive, lots of happy childhood memories.

Martha Grieve My gran was one of the first to move to birdsfield drive have good memories we lived in the prefabs .

Wilma Jackson My gran lived in 14 Birdsfeild Drive for many years

Jim Hemphill Know it well my friend mother in law had one of them houses

Rosemary Mcdermott my grandparents lived at number 8 bellsfield drive many a happy time in the park there

Rosalyn Faulds We lived just up the hill in a big white house called Hillcrest where my dad used to see patients before he gotva surgery in Low Blantyre.

Catherine Gray J J You Thinkan about moving back ? TeeHee X Remember, We get Limeade fur Yer Vodda oan tap here ? HaHa X

Karen McGowan Aw my gran stayed the very first house on Birdsfield When u r coming on

Geraldine Brown Rowatt Great pics. My wee mammy still stays here Kellie. No 7 Bellsfield! Great street.x

Steven Hill Geezz the memories in this park with my twin……the madans. ..Henderson. …mcgounes. ….weir……. I still have the scar on my knee after falling in the burn under the bridge.😉😉😉 happy days. My mum and dad still stay in their house number 8 👍 👊

Helen Henderson Mclaughlin Jims gran stayed in one if the bottom picture

Margaret McGuigan Memories looking at it with my dad kick mcguigan

Julie Celecia So did I no 1 Birdsfield drive played in that playground

Moira Todd Fabulous beautiful houses……. Loved them.


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  1. My granny Mary steele & grandad Andrew steele. ..lived in Num. .13 birds field drive ….they had daughters Jean ..Margaret. .mona ..Mary. .son’s Andy. .joe…If any one has old pictures of any of my family could you contact me please

    1. Hi Denise do you stay in Blantyre? I might have some x

  2. As kids living in Beech Place, off Auchinraith Road, we used to go minnow fishing in that burn with strung “jeely jawrs”.
    As a teenager and apprentice at Belmos in the High Blantyre Industrual Estate, I walked to work and back six days a week through Timbertown on to the main street as Paul described in his article. The most direct route of course.

  3. I lived in the Timber houses between 1969 – 79
    we stayed in No 5 on the corner
    before that it was my Gran & grandads house (MacDonald) who moved in months after they were built
    was a great place to grow up in you knew everyone

    the weirs, hills, McKinnons Maddens hendersons Mcfalls Mcguigans Hammils to name a few

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