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1960s High Blantyre Industrial Estate

Continuing our look this week at Sanny McVicars excellent cine videos of Blantyre during the 1960s’ Sanny’s cine reels were converted by Blantyre Project and with his permission shared here for you all to see. Today, we’re looking at High Blantyre Industrial Estate, out with the dog, looking across to the timber houses and homes […]

High Blantyre Industrial Estate

  High Blantyre Industrial Estate was the third of seven massive Industrial Estates in Scotland opened in 1946, destined to overturn unemployment and bring post war prosperity back to Central Scotland. Blantyre’s Industrial Estate was opened on Monday 25th March 1946 by Mr Tom Fraser, joint Under Secretary for Scotland. Spread over a massive 42 […]

1951 Fire at the Industrial Estate

Only 6 years after the Second World War, Blantyre like most of the country was still recovering but at least had the prospect of offering new employment and hope for the future at the brand new High Blantyre Industrial Estate. However, on Wednesday 16th May 1951, fate had other ideas for those motivated new Blantyre […]