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1930 The Blantyre Crowd

When we think of Speedway in Blantyre many people will think, as I did of the track and racers from July 1977 until the demise of the sport in Blantyre in September 1986. Others of a different generation, may remember certain Speedway racers on a National level like Tommy Miller or Ken McKinlay, from Blantyre, […]

Jimmy Beaton – Glasgow Tigers Promoter

This is Jimmy Beaton. Born 8th September 1927. The Blantyre man was an official director/promoter for the Glasgow Tigers Speedway stars at Blantyre Greyhound Stadium 1977-81 and then Blantyre Craighead Park 1982-86. Pictured also are Glasgow Tigers. Who remembers days out to the Speedway in Blantyre? (Located near Springwells) ALex Young told me, “I Remember it well […]

1955 Craighead Greyhound Racing Track

This aerial photo from 1955 looks down on Craighead Grey hound Racing track. Later to become Blantyre speedway, the greyhounds must have been a noisy distraction for the residents of nearby Craighead Rows. (pictured in the foreground) Blantyre man Gary Doonin once told me, “Gary Doonin told me, “My grandfather bought the area and a […]

Craighead Greyhound Track

Bridie Sheehan of Canada recently contacted me saying, “on viewing some aerial photos I see there was a greyhound track that abutted the Craighead Rows.  All I can find online deals with the use of this track as a motorcycle speedway starting in 1977.  Can you tell me when this was constructed as a greyhound […]