Jimmy Beaton – Glasgow Tigers Promoter

This is Jimmy Beaton. Born 8th September 1927. The Blantyre man was an official director/promoter for the Glasgow Tigers Speedway stars at Blantyre Greyhound Stadium 1977-81 and then Blantyre Craighead Park 1982-86.

Pictured also are Glasgow Tigers. Who remembers days out to the Speedway in Blantyre? (Located near Springwells)

ALex Young told me, “I Remember it well in the pic was 1 Steve Lawson 2 Colin caffrey 3 Andy Reid 4 think it was kenny McKinna 5 Brian Collins 6 Martin McKinna 7 tam bagley auld Jimmy and think that’s jim Beaton in white shirt and team manager Dave Thomson”

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This sent social media into a frenzy:

  • Ann Marie Donnelly I never went to the speedway but I remember hearing the sound of the bikes all around Blantyre when it was on
  • Paul Mcdonnell I do .I went to school wae Eddie Polockus n his da was secretary of Blantyre Celtic. We would go down Friday nights n get mockit from the spray of speedway.
  • Denise Harris Obviously this was years before but my mum remembers speedway well as Tommy Miller was her Uncle for anyone who remembers!
    • Alex Moore Hello Denise tommy miller was a star rider for motherwell eagles their track was in Milton street Motherwell I watched tommy ride speedway in the 50s he also had a bycle shop in almada street Hamilton
  • Peter Bolton It was the old Blantyre dog track owned by Frank Doonin. ( Doon Inn. )
  • Rab Straiton Was a brilliant way to spend a Friday night. Happy days.
  • Robert McLeod-Wolohan I remember it very well, we used to sneak in to watch them lol but i was young then and it brings back memories of the good times we had.
  • Isobel Paterson My uncle Jimmy , I used the to work at the speedway on a Friday night Bobby Jim and ( George rip) x
  • Gerry Walker Two local teams, Vics and Celtic, greyhound and speedway racing and the Shows where The old Rossendale houses where. A busy wee corner of Blantyre back in the day
  • Carol Crombie Remember the noises, smells and atmosphere
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  • Isobel Paterson Oh did you Robert McLeod-Wolohan I will hunt you down for your entry fee lol !!!
  • Duncan Peat Archie Peat where was this?
  • Willie Frame Remember standing in the corner and getting covered in ash…. Brill nights
  • Barry Watt Was it not behind parks coaches, now the council depot.
  • Frances Doonin Hutcheson Great memories both at Blantyre and Shawfield stadium. My favourite was David Blackburn.x
  • Linda Ruby Marshall Jimmy was my uncle billy Beatons brother. Dougie Beaton my cousin was jimmys nephew smile emoticon
  • John Devine Was it no where B&M is
    • Derek Watson The back end of B&M would’ve been part of the stadium along with Lidl and the expressway. 1977-81
      Craighead Park (1982-86) was where the council depot now is.
  • Frances Doonin Hutcheson Exactly where motorway is built.x
  • Anne Mccreadie Remember speedway plus I remember jimmy driving Beaton bus to take us to work in East kilbride used to get picked up at limetree
  • Steph Doudie Loved it grew up with speedway still a fanatic lol
  • John Berry Aye they wer gd old days
  • Steph Doudie Deffo john
  • Ann Mc Ardle Jimmy used to drive the bus to the chicken factory in Cambuslang I got that bus at the west end bus stop along with others also jimmy gave me a photo of my dad (wee jonny) that was taken with the him and a crowd of men x
  • Catherine Sneddon Used to go every Friday night with my dad loved the smell and atmosphere was electric if my mind serves me well one of the riders was a Beaton and another called excuse the spelling merve janke
  • Dougie Beaton Great photo of my uncle jimmy
  • Denise Harris Hi Alex, thank you for your comments, it’s nice to know he is remembered, before Motherwell he was with Glasgow Tigers too.
  • Jamie Nicol Used to come to my work for all his bolts and nuts great guy
  • Lynn Radcliffe Remember getting taken round the track on the back of Merv Janke’s bike oh the exitement
  • Derek Watson Auld Jimmy is a member of the Glasgow Tigers Hall of Fame and it’s no exaggeration to say the Tigers wouldn’t now exist if it wasn’t for him and his family
  • Michelle Mcgrane Ma dad used 2 take me wen a was young n a loved it xxx
  • Bill Dorricott Me. Tommy Miller and Ken McKenzie
  • Jim Wilson Great days
    • Jim Frame Loved the smell on a friday at the speedway
    • Diane Cunningham Loved it x
    • Ian Adam I love this pic of mine of Jimmy it was taken at Ashfield, where the Tigers ride now, it was taken really quickly and turned out to be a cracker we used it in Jimmy’s Hall of Fame Board which is now on display in the stadium
    • Mary Boyle Beaton as in Beaton’s coaches?
    • Elizabeth Montgomery My son followed glasgow tigers everywhere
    • Alex Young Remember it well in the pic was 1 Steve Lawson
      2 Colin caffrey 3 Andy Reid 4 think it was kenny McKinna 5 Brian Collins 6 Martin McKinna 7 tam bagley auld Jimmy and think that’s jim Beaton in white shirt and team manager Dave Thomson
    • Kenny Brailsford Yes Jimmy was great ambassador for the sport also for Glasgow Tigers also helped the young riders come through the ranks like myself with second half racing at Craig head park he was so helpful with everyone 🏻
    • Ian Adam Here is the Hall of Fame Board as displayed in the bar at Glasgow Speedway
      Ian Adam's photo.
    • Wullie Mitchell Yes Mary Boyle the same Jimmy Beaton
    • Gary Doonin Only guy I ever saw to do a wheelie in a tractor . My dad cut the track for the speedway at 2 different venues in 1977 at Blantyre Greyhounds and 88 at Shawfield . Jimmy approached my dad looking for a new home at Shawfield as Tigers were homeless for a couple of years sure their home matches were at Workington
    • Derek Watson We left Blantyre in 1986, rode at Workington in 1987 but we were kicked out of the league before the season ended before moving to Shawfield in 1988!!
    • Mervyn Carter Sure do, really enjoyed them. Good days they were.
      Mervyn Carter's photo.
    • RoyandTracy Trigg Roy used to race with his sons Bobby & Jimmy in the 1960 x
    • Christine Liddle Me. Great memories
    • Bobby Beaton This is a photo of my mum and dad a couple of years ago. This is the woman that kept the man in line. Dads not keeping to good these days but he’ll be chuffed to see all the lovely comments. His birthday is actually 8th sept 1927.


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  1. First of all the team pic isn’t late 70’s. It is in fact the Glasgow Tigers team of 1984 season. It has to be as Brian “Pogo” Collins came back to the team that year, and this is also why number 4 is not “Kenny McKinna” – he left at the start of the 1983 season. I reckon the missing name is David Cassels who did ride in the 1984 team. The heat leader trio of Lawson/Reid/Collins is definitely 1984 season. Great pic though and that year Steve Lawson finished top of the National League averages on around 10.4 average. Another name in the pic but not mentioned is Dave Thomson, the team manager. The great man himself though Jimmy Beaton, incredible man. Glasgow Tigers owe their very existence to Jimmy, he kept them going.

  2. Hi Paul, The pic above with the Tigers team with Brian Collins in. Its actually my dad Drew Ross who is top right with the white shirt on. He used to sponsor the Tigers I think. I stumbled across your site looking for info on the Adam & Eve Sundial and its amzing the other gems you come across. Cheers Maxine

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