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Pit Explosion Inquiry Summary

The last part of the inquiry document, a summary from the official Inquiry Report for “Blantyre Colliery Explosion” of 1877. Transcribed by myself word for word for the first time appearing online, this particular end section summarises the all the inquiry’s findings, presented to the Government at Whitehall. SUMMARY “In summing up the causes conducing […]

1877 The Horror of Identifying Bodies

I simply cannot imagine the horror the families faced on the days following 22nd October 1877, to identify the bodies of their loved ones. Pictured here, the bodies were slowly brought up and placed in a temporary mortuary, which became known as “The Death House”. One report in the Hamilton Advertiser describes “The bodies conveyed […]

The Story of the Explosion

The Story of the Blantyre Pit Explosion 1877 by Rev Stewart Wright 1885 published in the “Annals of Blantyre” The annals of our parish would certainly not be complete without some allusion to that catastrophe which so recently brought fish out if its obscurity into a sad prominence before the whole world, we mean the […]

1957 Dixon’s Explosion Re-enactment film

Residents in Blantyre were treated at the Broadway Cinema in October 1957, of a re-enactment film of the Dixon’s Explosion. To celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the tragedy, the Broadway screened the film and the newspaper reports suggested in advance just how popular it was going to be. The extract from the Blantyre Gazette tells, […]