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1927 Recollections of Hugh McPherson

In 1927, Blantyre man Hugh McPherson was in a reflective mood. Speaking of his involvement in the rescue party of the 1877 Blantyre Colliery disaster, he wrote at the time, “For many years I have had a strong desire to put on record my experiences as an explorer in that great colliery disaster, but hitherto […]

1930 Auchinraith Pit Disaster Poem

Blantyre Project reader Moria Lees kindly showed me this wonderful poem about the 1930 Auchinraith Pit disaster. Written by Tom Penman of Airdrie, its shared here telling the story of yet another significant pit explosion in Blantyre, which happened on Saturday 30th August 1930. I have to admit though, Tom’s frustration and even anger comes […]