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Bungalow – 313 Glasgow Road, Blantyre

Bungalow (Eastern) Constructed: 1950’s Other Names: Unknown Constructor: Unknown Original Address: 313 Glasgow Road House Type: Bungalow Current Address: 313 Glasgow Road    Brief Summary: This plot of land was previously not built upon until the middle of the 20th Century. Originally farm-fields of Wheatlandhead Farm, the plot is adjacent to a council owned lane […]

Glasgow Road and the Orlits 1940’s

This view from Wheatlandhead Farm faces on to Glasgow Road in the 1940’s and is shared here by the owner of the photo, Elaine Russell. Elaine’s family used to own and work at Wheatlandhead until the farmhouse was demolished in the 1960’s. Today, these fields are more commonly known as the Orlits Housing estate, i.e […]