Bungalow – 313 Glasgow Road, Blantyre

Bungalow (Eastern)

313 Eastern Bungalow

Eastern Bungalow at 313 Glasgow Road

Constructed: 1950’s Other Names: Unknown
Constructor: Unknown Original Address: 313 Glasgow Road
House Type: Bungalow Current Address: 313 Glasgow Road

   Brief Summary: This plot of land was previously not built upon until the middle of the 20th Century. Originally farm-fields of Wheatlandhead Farm, the plot is adjacent to a council owned lane to the east, which accesses the ‘Wheatland Orlits’ housing estate behind.

   The small, detached bungalow was constructed in the 1950’s with 2 bay windows at the front and the main door unusually to the side. A separate garage is located to the east and there is a modest sized front and back garden. Mr. French lived there in the third quarter of the 20th Century. He had a shop which specialized in Singer Sewing Machines. There are no complexities of addresses at this location due to the ‘modern’ construction date.

   The cottage is today well maintained, whitewashed and desirable, being not far from the Parkville Restaurant and other amenities in Glasgow Road.

From the illustrated book, “Blantyre Glasgow Road South – The Real Story” by Paul Veverka [Page 507]


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