Rowan Place

Although the houses at Rowan Place do not have Glasgow Road addresses, they require to be included in this book due to having frontage along a proportion of Glasgow Road. Situated across from the entrance to the ‘Dandy’, these 12 single storey houses were constructed especially with pensioners in mind.  


Rowan Place photographed in 2001 by Robert Stewart

   Built in the late 1950’s as part of the ‘Orlits’ housing scheme (homes behind and to the south at Fernslea Avenue), they are set back off Glasgow Road, offering good parking, single storey, unlike the other houses in the estate behind.

   During research of this book, it was learned that they were cruelly nicknamed originally as ‘Death Row’, a name that thankfully does not exist in discussion anymore. Rowan Place looks to be well maintained with good sizeable gardens to the rear and have served families well over the last 60 years. The name ‘Rowan’ continues the woodland theme of Fernslea.

   Before the construction of Rowan Place, this plot had been the open fields of  Wheatlandhead Farm, which in this particular plot, had stretched right down to Glasgow Road itself. The farm was also known as “Russell’s.”

1940s Wheatlandhead Farm2

1940’s this field ran down to Glasgow Road prior to 1950’s. Pictured here in 1940’s.

   Contrary to writing by others, Glasgow Road west of this point was not all farmfields in the 20th Century. Indeed it was very much built upon, primarily for residential purposes. The last 130 years west of this point has seen some impressive houses being built. Let’s have a quick look at some of them next…

From the book, “Blantyre Glasgow Road South – The Real Story” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Sandy Wilkie An excellent photo – never seen horses working there before. Well done!

Paul Veverka The image is Elaine Russell’s but I cleaned it up quite a bit. I have some good photos of Wheatlandhead Farm back in the day that hopefully even the Russell family haven’t seen. Will post soon.

Mary Mullen When we were growing up the entrance as you call it was known to us as The Avenue The Dandy started at Farm Road leading to the Village

Paul Veverka Before all the homes were built it was just one track leading from Glasgow Road to the village.
Mary Mullen Never knew that’s what it was used for thanks Paul

Stewart Willis That looks like what should be the chapel hall on the right. And Richardson’s garage possibly as well. Any pictures of the old chapel hall don’t think I’ve ever seen any of it when was it pulled down
Elaine Speirs My Papa Jock Wildman moved into the first wee house across from the Parkville in 1973. He once got a s letter from Canada to Jock, the first wee house across from the Parkville, Blantyre, Scotland.

Liz Smith I was born in 65 fernslea loved that street great neighbours happy times growing up there x

Anne Mosley Sure was Liz , great memories for us all , xX
Linda Halpin my Aunt Mary McCue lived in the first one, until she passed x

John Dunsmore I lived in26 fernslea ave wae back 1968 when got married and stayed with in laws. James x. Lizzie. Holdsworth for two years before got housed up in. Jerusalem.


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