Forrests and Mains Ancestry

In January 2015, George Park from Arbroath emailed me his family tree, showing his line coming together from the Forrests of “The Deans” Cambuslang and the Mains at Broompark Road. He had carefully mapped out his ancestry adding notes. I see a lot of names connected to other Blantyre’s farms, so thought I would post this as I know many other people reading this will be related. In particular, the Forrests , Mains, Riddells and Cowie families.

George told me, “I have attached my family tree, stopping at my Grandfather Robert Main Forrest, along with a modified copy of Jim Cochrane’s  tree showing the ‘common ground’. My ancestors did lived at the wee farm/dairy on Broompark Road, just along from the Smiddy.”

Thanks for sharing.

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