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Co-Op Original Building 1891

Adjacent to the 3 storey Stonefield Independent Co-op Society’s (SICS) Building to the west is the older 2 storey premises. It still stands today. This was the Stonefield Independent Co-op’s original fully owned premises.    Again, the beginnings of this building are associated with SICS and not Blantyre Co-operative Society. Constructed in 1891 from stone, […]

Mr McDade’s Presentation 1889

In mid March 2016, I was contacted by James Bridges who wrote, “Hi Paul. I work at an auctioneers in Guernsey, the Channel Islands – we have just had a gold pocket watch consigned with an interesting inscription related to the Stonefield Independent Co-Operative Society, dated 1889 and presented to Mr. F. McDade. The inscription is beautifully […]

Perfect Attendance 1898 – 1907

This is an extract from a school Log Book. Taken from the pages of High Blantyre Primary School diary, High Blantyre, Lanarkshire, December 1906, page 116. The words, include a transcript of a story from the ‘Hamilton Advertiser’ newspaper which reported a presentation made to a pupil in recognition of nine years attendance at school […]