Perfect Attendance 1898 – 1907

1907 School record blantyreThis is an extract from a school Log Book. Taken from the pages of High Blantyre Primary School diary, High Blantyre, Lanarkshire, December 1906, page 116. The words, include a transcript of a story from the ‘Hamilton Advertiser’ newspaper which reported a presentation made to a pupil in recognition of nine years attendance at school without a day’s absence.

A presentation made by the School Board to Miss Minnie Ritchie, daughter of David Ritchie, a joiner, consisted of a gold watch for her perfect attendance.

Update: In July 2014 Alex Bowie, a distant family member contacted me to say “Hi Paul, I enclose a photo of my Great Aunt Minnie Ritchie who you wrote about recently regarding her perfect attendance at school. Her father David Ritchie (my great grandfather) was the person who took the old photos of Blantyre that I talked to you about. She is pictured here with her Sunday School Class in Blantyre – David Livingstone Church. She was born in 1892 and died in 1989. I am guessing that she was about 18 at the time of the picture making it around 1910.
Alex Bowie

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Peter Bird Beautiful handwriting. A lost art I fear.

1910 Minnie Ritchie at David Livingstone Church Sunday School

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