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1981 Co-Op Central Premises Demolition

A brilliant photo of the demolition of Blantyre Co-Operative’s Central Premises. This was taken in 1981 from an unusual angle. It’s taken from former Jackson Street, the ‘cul de sac’ turning hammerhead in the foreground. Demolition was underway in this photo with most of the large hall still to be demolished.. Whilst excavators worked on […]

Blantyre Clergyman Honoured

  In the Blantyre Co-Operative Hall on the evening of Saturday 23rd April 1927, there was large gathering, when the Rev. Michael Sheehan was presented with a wallet containing a cheque for £100, and also a magnificent timepiece and a dinner set from the congregation and parochial societies of St Joseph’s parish, Blantyre. Father Sheehan had […]