Blantyre Clergyman Honoured


1930-central-co-op-premises-wmIn the Blantyre Co-Operative Hall on the evening of Saturday 23rd April 1927, there was large gathering, when the Rev. Michael Sheehan was presented with a wallet containing a cheque for £100, and also a magnificent timepiece and a dinner set from the congregation and parochial societies of St Joseph’s parish, Blantyre.

Father Sheehan had spent the first six and a half years of his services in Blantyre, having come direct from Maynooth College, Ireland, after his ordination in 1925. His Bishop recalled him to his own diocese Waterford in 1926.

Pictured in the 1930s in the Co-operative Hall, as it would have looked when Father Sheehan received those gifts from the Parish.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c)

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Catherine Murphy I remember when you had to go up stairs into the Co hall to collect your dividend
Moira Macfarlane I can still remember my mum’s number,,
Jane Maxwell I was always fascinated by the payment method they used. As a child we would go in and when you paid for goods or whatever, they would put it into a cylinder and send it to who knows where, it would come back and you would get your receipt. I was bornSee more
Ethel Watson I can remember the pic of the Coop xx

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