1981 Co-Op Central Premises Demolition

1981 Co-op Demolition

A brilliant photo of the demolition of Blantyre Co-Operative’s Central Premises. This was taken in 1981 from an unusual angle. It’s taken from former Jackson Street, the ‘cul de sac’ turning hammerhead in the foreground.

Demolition was underway in this photo with most of the large hall still to be demolished.. Whilst excavators worked on the other side at Herbertson Street, labour are stripping out the building. If you look closely , theres a worker on the roof. No hard hat. No harness or access platform. Sitting on the gable skew of a building coming down.

Glasgow Road is out the picture behind the building. Who remembers the hall?


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  1. Well, not so much liked as sad really that all the old buildings have gone, or are going, I’m wondering if this was the hall where we from what was “Stonefield Parish Church” had our Sunday School?? Not sure, but I have great memories of our “old” Blantyre, yes, tainted with rose coloured glasses as a recent trip home from New Zealand was to testify. I felt very sad for the old place, it appeared neglected and being allowed to run down, we couldn’t get in to our favourite spot as children at “David Liviingstone Memorial” or “Shuttle Row”. After getting all the way there in a wheelchair pushed by my brother in law and sister. It was still great to be on the bridge down to the village, and see knightswood terrace, again, it looked really run down and not like my granny had the back stairs all scrubbed and white washed!! Indeed!! again, Paul, thanks so much for posting,
    kind regards

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