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The Gazette

  The Gazette was a popular local mid 20th Century newspaper run and owned by John. Clifford. Mr Clifford (born 1867) released his founding edition on 27th November 1925 at the age of 58, the first edition appearing in local shops in December 1925. According to the valuation roll of 1930, the printing office was based […]

Blantyre Pageant 1938

  This copy of the Blantyre Gazette belonged to my grandmother. Saturday 26th March 1938. Blantyre Parish Church Sunday school put on a lavish Pageant. The children and young adults put on a production in the Miner’s Welfare with 23 acts and scenes from Blantyre’s history. I have a detailed account of each scene, which commenced […]

Blantyre News in New York

The Blantyre Gazette liked reporting on stories of former Blantyre people revisiting their hometown and especially describing what was out there, “Beyond Blantyre”. Another example of such a story follows here. In mid July 1948, on his fourth visit home from America, since he went there in 1928, Mr Charles Donnelly, former Blantyre man enjoyed […]

The Time is Now

I had to let you see this. Taken from the Blantyre Gazette Saturday 1th July 1948, there’s a small Post World War II Public Service announcement from “The Scottish Savings Committee”. It reads: “The Time is Now. The time has come when we must all ask ourselves whether we as responsible people are making the […]