The Time is Now

white-fiverI had to let you see this. Taken from the Blantyre Gazette Saturday 1th July 1948, there’s a small Post World War II Public Service announcement from “The Scottish Savings Committee”. It reads:

The Time is Now. The time has come when we must all ask ourselves whether we as responsible people are making the best use of our right to do what we like with our own money. Today, our very survival as a Nation may depend upon how much we save. Think seriously, act quickly. The situation demands it!

I couldn’t help but think how appropriate that message is also for today in this post recession pensions mess. Lack of pension contributions over the last couple of decades has now made every Employer by law required to enter their full time employees into a pension. It’s been compulsory since October 2013 and is called “Auto enrolement”. It’s a sure fire sign that government pension contributions may be phased out, (perhaps even in my lifetime) and is a check to make sure people are preparing for their old age in the UK.

The Time is Now advert more likely relates to economic recovery after the war and only serves to confirm, that like all Nations, a country needs YOUR money in the bank, for it’s own investments.

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