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Help with our Running Costs?

** Update! Thank you everybody! The target has been hit! All running costs here are covered for the next 12 months. Much appreciated. Thank you to everybody who donated. Original Post: Enjoying Blantyre Project? Can you please Donate a little to help with 2022 Running Costs? As a non-profit charitable website providing a FREE service […]

Remembering Jon Doc

According to a Motherwell news page, it’s been announced that Jon Doc of the “Jon Doc Trio” has passed away. Blantyre folk may remember the popular band that played often in Hastie’s Farm at Victoria Street in Blantyre during the 1960’s and early 70s. Jon Doc played at Hastie’s from Wednesday to Sundays, and on […]

Update on Recovery

A little personal update. Yesterday marked 8 weeks since my triple bypass op. Been difficult, I won’t kid you, especially in March. This week, I’m feeling strong again. My breast plate is healing nicely, fusing back together and the wires have stopped clicking. My chest and leg wounds have healed nicely, even starting to fade […]