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April Update

I’ve got some great, detailed stories and articles coming every day over the next few weeks all about 1900, 1901 and 1902. Suitably illustrated as always. Hope you all enjoy reading about Blantyre in those years, over 120 years ago. As I go into hospital again this week for my 3rd major operation in 14 […]

Not long now

I know you’ve all been missing new articles whilst I’ve been recovering. I’m doing well and feeling better and though not 100%, I’ve had a good break and well enough to return to Blantyre Project. So….the countdown is on. Daily articles will resume here again, scheduled in advance from Wednesday 22nd March in just 2 […]

Readers Update

Update as of 11.03.23 – I’m thankfully starting to feel much better with my hospital operation pain now only at my wound. However, I’m still black and blue, stitched and a little sore needing a little more time. I’m back at work again and slowly but surely looking at scheduling new articles here again. I […]

Need a Few Days, Folks

I know nobody will mind, but I’ve come to the point where recent health issues are slowly overtaking my ability to schedule decent, daily posts in advance. Following some minor complications with my kidney operation last week, I need more time to recover and with no stress or pressure. Unusually for me, I’m taking the […]

Strep A Sickness

Just a quick note for readers as unusually there hasn’t been articles since 12th January. I’ve been very ill this week with constant sickness and a fever still unbroken after being diagnosed with Strep A. My scheduling is all over the place just now. I’ll release articles just as soon as i’m better. Thanks for […]