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McGarry Family Photos

Monica who lives in the States kindly shared some of her family photos. A time going back to when the McGarry family lived in Blantyre. The first picture I think looks to be Craighead religious retreat. Craighead House is no longer there but the features on the outside are similar. The second photo at the […]

Foxy Friend

Wanted to show you this! Throughout this week, a young foxcub befriended my dog! It visits the garden every evening just before dusk to say hello to my Sheltie. They play together, running, stalking each other and inviting each other to play! It’s a regular occurrence. We’ve had foxes in our garden every year since […]

Searching the River

  Jo Kelly and her daughter took some time out yesterday to go to the Calder and do a spot of searching in the river. The Rotten Calder is flowing really low just now and it provided a great opportunity to see if they could find anything interesting. And they did! Amongst the various pottery […]