599 Club, 1982

Sticking with July 1982, there’s nothing much in this Glasgow Road and Elm Street photo to suggest summer. New trees had been planted to landscape the new 599 Club. This was to be the Masonic Lodge’s new “modern” building. Rising from the ground in red brick with its distinctive sloping roof, I always thought its architecture was deliberately modern to be as far removed from tenements as possible. It seemed to be in a style of the nearby St Andrews Church, which was being built at the time also. For me personally, this building never seemed to fit in its surroundings until later years when trees became more established around it.

This was where Sprott’s / Kidd’s Building had been only a couple of years earlier. 

The Masonic time as the 599 Club at that location was short lived before moving out in 1988 to the lodge in High Blantyre. It then became Cobblers Pub & Restaurant. In 1993 the brick building was sold off, refitted and became flats. The building is now some 40 years old.

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