Ancient Finds, 1832

In the statistical Account published in 1841, the article on Blantyre was work of Rev William Patrick, Hamilton and Mr. George Miller of Blantyre Works. On antiquities, the authors said, “Urns have been dug up at different times in several part of [Blantyre] Parish and some were found in a large heap of stones.

In the centre of the heap, square stones were placed so as to form a kind of chest and the urns were placed within it. They contained a kind of unctuous, earthy substance and some remains of bones were scattered around them. Strong impressions of fire were also evident on many of the stones. About three years ago (the article was written in 1835) a stone coffin of the above description and an urn standing in the corner of it was turned up at Shott, near the Parish Church. The urn was made of baked earth, seemingly only semi dried, five and a half inches high and the same across the mouth. It was partially ornamental with rude impressions made in the clay which was soft. Fragments of six larger urns were highly ornamented and better burned we found, which were found in other parts of the field, which was called Archers Croft.

The urns and coffins at Archer’s Croft, were found in a location which is now the garden of a house in Hunthill Lane, High Blantyre.

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