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1981 Travellers site Glasgow Road

Glasgow Road in 1981 certainly opened up opportunities for others. With the buildings all but demolished, large open spaces were apparent, immediately beside the road. Utilised by the market which was forced to move from the Hastie’s regular location, the side of Glasgow Road also was widely used for parking by both staff and customers of the remaining businesses. In fact, several accidents happened after cars tried to bump up kerbs to park illegally.

Another use of the vacant land, was taken by travellers, who arrived en masse occupying parts of both side of the road, near John Street and across from Herbertson Street. The number of caravans steadily grew over a period of months, but after drawing attention from authorities disappeared almost overnight as quickly as they had arrived.

In this photo from 1981 taken at the corner of Herbertson Street and Glasgow Road, this was just part of their set up. Several vans, hooked up to water and power. A child clambers on the back a flat bed lorry.

An innocent seemingly uninteresting photo taken then, now suddenly worthy of discussion and some memories….

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