McGarry’s of Caldervale


Christine McGarry Shore shared these photos. This is the McGarry family. They all lived in Caldervale (Fin Me Oot) in the 1930’s – 1940’s. All but two immigrated to the United States.

Christine told me, “My paternal grandfather was Edward McGarry. The top photo was him with 9 of his siblings (there were 13 in all) and his nephew, I’m not sure of the date.

Top photo, top row: Gerard McGarry, Daniel McGarry, Edward McGarry, Patrick McGarry, Elizabeth McGarry Cox, William McGarry, Robert McGarry. Bottom row: Joseph McGarry, Sarah McGarry McMurray, Francis McGarry, John McGarry.

The bottom photo was taken in the 1970’s at a family reunion.
Bottom photo, top row: Joseph McGarry, Robert McGarry, Edward McGarry, Francis McGarry, William McGarry. Bottom row: Sarah McGarry McMurray, John McGarry, Daniel McGarry, Elizabeth McGarry Cox.

McGarry is a good, strong Caldervale name. Can anybody tell me more?

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