Auchentibber Seating Area, 1910s

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This is the former Auchentibber Gardens taken around 1910 – 1915. I’m able to date this wonderful photo, for following these years of research, I actually recognise the distinctive man on the left as being Mr James Nimmo. Knowing he was born in 1869 and believing him to be in his 40s here, I think the picture dates from the 1910’s. I’m unsure who the other man is, but he is likely a fellow miner and fellow quoiting player.

Born in Stonehouse in 1869, James Nimmo moved as a young man to Auchentibber and was very much a Blantyre man for the rest of his life. In 1891 at the age of 22, James Nimmo Snr was living at 3 Clyde Row, in Auchentibber along with Jane, his wife of the same age. The couple lost their infant daughter Margaret in 1901 to pneumonia, perhaps a reflecton of how poorly built the homes were. They moved to Peasweep, Auchentibber (near where the War Memorial is now) shortly after and so I believe James was actually right outside his home when this photo was taken. Employed as a coal miner, he was an accomplished quoting team player and I strongly believe was a key figure in helping create the wonderful Italian Gardens.

James Nimmo Sr. died on 19 Oct 1954 at Auchinraith Road H.B. (home of his daughter Annie Nimmo Crichton). They are pictured here at Auchinraith, just 3 years before his death.

I know several readers here are related to the Nimmo family, so I hope this previously unseen photo at the quoiting ground gardens proves interesting.

My Great Aunt Annie and her father, my Great Grampa Nimmo 1950ish

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Elizabeth Weaver What great photos. I like his cardigan in the second photo – nice bit of fair isle knitting on the band there.
Margaret Nimmo Lehmann Elizabeth Weaver That’s my Great Grandfather Liz
Elizabeth Weaver Margaret Nimmo Lehmann I knew you’d be related but couldn’t remember the connection. Brilliant photos x
Jane Davies This is my mother, Annie Nimmo Crighton & her father, James Nimmo snr,
my grandfather who lived with us for about 14 years until he died in 1954.

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