Auchentibber Garden Seating

1910s Auchentbber garden seat

How about this for a beautiful photo! This is the former Auchentibber Gardens, which were once located in the flat area behind the current Auchentibber War Memorial. Remarkably, this previously unseen photo is over 100 years old, dating likely to the early 1910’s.

A wooden garden seat, painted white (likely with lead paint!), is a focal point offering a shady place to sit and watch the quoiting sports or have a refreshment or two from the nearby inn.

The gardens were well tended, statues adding to the classical, romantic scene though all were neglected by the late 1930’s. This tree, I suspect will still be there. I’ll see if  i can get a modern photo of it, now the growth has fallen back for winter.

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