1977 Maddens Shop

1977 Maddens Glasgow Rd wm

Who remembers “Maddens” shop on Glasgow Road. Situated on the north side, the shop was located on the lower floor of a 2 storey tenement, next door to the Bethany Hall. Parking was never the best, but this was a popular, well known shop.

What’s your memories of Maddens?

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Sylvia Mclaughlin I was a regular in Madden’s, I used to knit so bought wool n baby hat’s they were lovely
Sylvia Mclaughlin Lynne Mclaughlin you will remember this shop 💛 “The wool shop”
Hannah Mcaleenan Used it all the time for wool and other stuff
Wendy Strachan Sandra Alderdice was never out of this xx
Ina Sanders my mum always took me there
Margaret Mary OSullivan Remember it well. Always had beautiful baby clothes!
Jackie MacDonald Bought all my baby’s clothes from there. Great shop.
Elaine Speirs Thats were i got my tights for primary school in the 70s
Mary-Jane Douglas My mother in law owned this shop. It’s an opticians now.
Agnes McAllister loved it they always had a great sale
Lesley Hartley Ma mum loved to knit for me n ma brother so I was never out of there, her friend used to live above the shop too
Liz Allan This is where my brother bought his 2 girls all their clothes from when he came home and they were always dressed the same
Irene Agnew Yvonne Kelly yes I loved Maddens shop. They sold lovely clothes !!! X
Liz Duncan Loved the shop got Gail n Stacey’s clothes out of their xx
Liz Borland Loved that wee shop especially the big hats
Linda Marshall Bonnie bells dresses. Luv it in there
Gary Doonin Snake Belts
Brenda Mcgrail Loved that wee shop got beautiful baby clothes for my son and daughter xx
Margaret Reid Loved this shop bought wool from it for knitting jumpers for my three boys
Christine Crawford Marie Rooney give yourself a wee wave!!! Phyllis Rooney Your prams just out of shot
Kerry Tremble Kevan Maddens was a great wee shop.
Sally Jamieson Vividly. Loved that shop! X
Georgina Durnans Mackie My mum bought me and my siblings clothes out of this shop if I can remember right Mrs daily worked in it
Anne Gilchrist I remember the shop – and Mrs Madden and her family. You could get balls of wool in there (if my memory is working!!!)
Carole Mackie Rickard I have many lovely memories of this shop 😊. Mrs Madden lived up the street from us.
Jean Graham Loved this shop. Got all my kids clothes and wool from there
Walter Fleming Think we remember it as selling children/baby wear etc
May Haliburton I got a beautiful pram set out of maddens for Ross because I was the lollipop lady. Xxx
Elaine Hutcheson Mind getting a pink coat from here when I was 7 😍 loved the smell in this shop and the pull out trays .xx
Lorraine Brown BHS tie and blazer badge from there …. I think (1980 ?) either that or HBPS ones
Marian Maguire Loved that shop, bought socks for my children and lovely white frilly ones for my daughter.
Amelia Kane Loved this shop😍where I got my communion dress 👗
Joseph Allan I ma mother got all her wool out there knitting great baby clothes
Anne Callaghan Loved this shop – was devastated when it shut – trying to source wool! Especially when you could put it by and collect / pay fir it when needed !
Sadie Dolan Got my oldest daughter communion dress out of shop mary daley worked there at the time! X
Anne Marie Murray Remember it well! Mrs Madden son is good friends with my uncle.
Valerie Krawczyk My mum bought her wool from there and always had a blether with Chris & Mamie, great memories
Jackie Mather I loved this shop. I paid into a wee account every week to save for kids outfits. I bought wool when I knitted. Also bought matching navy Windsor sailor outfits for my daughter and son when they were age 4 and 1. Much to their horror now as I’ve still got the photos
Angela Crossar Arran hats and cardigans too order xx
Anne Gilmour Callaghan Used to get my ecru [cream] tights from here 🥰🥰
Jean Bennett Yvonne Kelly. I remember the day you were born, I got your pressie from there….I was 10! Xx
Isabella Johnston McShane Loved it …and good quality items x
Audrey Marshall Always had lovely stuff. My mum bought me lots of clothes from there.
Caroline Rundell Me and my mum were in this shop all the time – did they not have a wee ride on toy like a giraffe or something?x
Sharon Kerrigan Mum loved this shop and bought a lot from there. Lady even opened shop back up to let her collect a coat for me for Christmas Day. Mum thinks she closed early or wasn’t open that day, but that’s just typical of the service you got.
May Haliburton You never saw any other kids wearing the same clothes maddens was a one of. Xxx
Margaret Liddle Remember it well.
Jacqueline Brown Worked there saturdays have the sample tie for BHS
Ann Maxwell Went in there to get B😁erkshire tights in cream soda and cornflower blue
Jackie Paterson Got my Communion stuff from there a think every girl in Blantyre had something from here x
Isabel Mcneily Remember it well
Margaret Mary Kerr Margaret Teven lots of memories of this shop. Always got gorgeous clothes from here xx
Kim Semple I won the Bonnie baby competition in there in 1989
Greer Litster Loved Madden’s !!!! My mum loved to knit ( still does) GX
Janette Moran Renember it well bought loads of clothes it it. x
Carol Goldie Loved that shop
Ian Paterson Mrs McKenzie worked in it she stayed in Ashley place
Caroline Brankin Catherine Robertson. Katie’s dresses with the bells in them
Jacqueline Duffy My cousin Anne had the shop at one time
Anne Mccreadie Loved that shop got lots out of it
Linda Thomas Remember maddens bought my daughter her winter hat cost 18 pounds at the time.
Gord Fotheringham Paul ….people never really had cars back in the day….and yes i remember it….pair of good legs and away you go….
Johnny O Orr It was near the rent office because the wife used to spend the rent money in it.
Karen McGowan Got my communion dress from Maddens x
Catherine Murphy Used it all the time for clothes for my girls
John Berry Was tht the car an cycle shop later
Una Mason Hynds Mrs Mackenzie that worked in there for years was my auntie x
Lyne Carroll Rae Lovely baby clothes and got school tie and ribbons from it!! Madge Madden
Una Mason Hynds Jacqueline Brown xx
Lynne Conner Going in with my mum who let us chose the patterns and she would knit us the jumpers xx
Patsyanne Cameron Remember it wellxx
Madge Madden This is a happy blast from the past Wow!!

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  1. I dressed from ‘What Every’s’ from 1986 to 1988 buying clothes from Madden’s and from Paul’s in Hamilton for my son. He was dressed like a little prince. I also bough beautiful pram sheets and blankets from Madden’s. After 1988 Adams opened up and when they arrived Mothercare and Marks and Spencers got their acts together on decent baby clothes for wee boys. I have never worn designer clothes and got teased for my lack of fashion knowledge when I worked for Clarins, years later, until a girl brought in her baby pics and I recognised her dress as a Clayeux. I did know designer labels, but for babies and toddlers only.

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