1977 Biggins Dentist

1977 Biggins Dentist wm

This is perhaps one of my most fearful memories as a child. Photographed here in the 1970’s is Biggins Dentist on the north side of Glasgow Road.

I can remember him practically climbing up on the seat to get a good position to give leverage for an extraction, which thankfully for me only happened once! He certainly didn’t have the friendly , understanding manner many dentists these days have.

Can you remember the dentist here? What can you tell me about it? I can’t remember how it looked inside.


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  1. Oh yes, the dentist, he was pulling my teeth out in the 1950s with gay abandon. I think the man was a sadist, and not ethical, I recall one time in particular, I was put out under gas, my mum had left the room not allowed to be in there, and waking up, I had wet myself, and he was standing over me with the tooth in hand, very eerily, I was never so glad to get out of there, the big holes at the back of my mouth remind me of him every day! The room was stark except for the chair, it was painted green and cream, rather a box. Remember going home with one of dads hankies wrapped around my mouth with a big woolly scarf, the bleeding seemed to go on and on before the clot formed. Ugly memory.

  2. I didn’t like mr Biggins he was a butcher he frighted me to hell and back

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