Naming Clydeview Shopping Centre, 1980

1980s Asda1

In October 1980, Blantyre had a problem.

With a new shopping centre on Glasgow Road taking shape, nobody had any real idea what to call it! The matter was left to councillors to decide, but this also proved problematic with several suggestions put forward and none able to be agreed upon.

The name had to mean something and was not to be left to ASDA to name, despite it being their property. ASDA was actually quite comfortable in Councillors suggesting suitable names.

Top of the running was “The Donovan Centre” after the late John Donovan a former director of planning. The “Cunningham Centre” was also a popular choice after the Architect involved in its construction. The “David Livingstone Shopping Centre” was also suggested.  Provost James Swinburne however, was most forthright in wanting the centre to be called “David Livingstone Shopping Centre” suggesting it immediately identifies as Blantyre. However, other Councillors thought it would be confused or undermine the existing Museum in the Village.

Councillor George McInally came up with the suggestion of ensuring it identifies with history of the actual spot it was build on. He came up with 2 suggestions. “The Stonefield Shopping Parade” and “The Clydeview Shopping Centre.”

By mid October no decision had been taken with Councillors agreeing to meet and vote on their favourite at the end of October 1980.

With “Clydeview Shopping Centre” decided….the rest is history.

Asda Blantyre is pictured in the early 1980s.

From the book, “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2019

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

James Sime I see Tandem shoe shop on the right.
James Sime I always used to run in the main door of Asda and into the cafe and out that door, round in circles. I remember the cafe having seats by the window with big parasols above the tables. I got into trouble for playing with the lever on one and it came tumbling down on top of us. I remember the long wall with lots of booths right down to the back of the cafe. Lots of diamond shaped mirrors on the walls that made the long wall look as it if went on for miles.
Jim McAllister Can anyone tell me what year Asda opened plz ?
Yvonne Mcdade 1980
Jan Ritchie So what do we call the WEE group of shops left? Clydeview Cosy Corner???
Paddy Maguire I used to love the asda restaurant food
Linda Marshall Cafe was called the “take and stay” and I can still smell the cookimatic section of the cookies when u walked in the doors 🙈
David Campbell Wish it had never opened…shop is totally ……..


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