1980 Repair Services

‘Repair Services’ was an appliance repair shop in the 1970’ and 1980s located at the foot of Stonefield Road.

Owned by Jack Taylor, he moved from small premises near Mickey’s Café into larger premises a few doors up on the same side, which later became Clyde Star Video.

In 1979 and into 1980, the business was plagued by telephones not working. Many complaints were made to the Post Office to get it fixed and the lack of phones ringing started to have an effect on business.

By September 1980, enough was enough. Jack said, “We cannot go on much longer, especially at time when business is so bad in Blantyre. We depend on the phone being able to ring for a lot of our repair work, so you would expect the Post Office to consider this as a serious matter.”

Cables leading to the premises were in serious need of repair, strung up at the back of the building.

“They are hanging like bunting”, Jack said. “It’s an easy job for a vandal to simply pull them down. Every time Telecom send somebody out to repair, it never lasts a week. Telecom may think this is a joke, but the existence of our business is threatened by their incompetence.”

Do you remember Repair Services? Anybody know what became of them of if closure was indeed linked to inoperable phones?


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Liz Allan He repaired washing machines I’m sure his wife’s name was margaret his son followed in his footsteps had a couple of daughters Diane and ?

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