Main Street, High Blantyre 1989

Who remembers this? Main Street in 1989 or 1990. In photos kindly shared by Sandy Wilkie of Bardykes, they show the final years of the tenements near Kirkton Cross and a time when the little cottage, now a ruin, was still occupied.

1989 Main Street, High Blantyre1 wm

Remember the little circular park near the top cross? I can’t say I ever used it or sat there, but it was certainly used by some more elderly folks, i remember seeing them sit there most days.

This is home area for me. A place close to my heart, the little cottage now at the end of my driveway. It’s an area absolutely crammed full of interesting history.

What’s your memories of this location?

1989 Main Street, High Blantyre2 wm

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Janet Saunders Was that building..Snips the hairdressers at one time?
Wendy Mackie Yes

 Stephen Kelly Paul Mcdade. Mind we used to climb the trees in there?
 Paul Mcdade That’s right. Dont touch the grun or its bavk tae the It was also good for hiding from the police in my later teanage years.
Suzann Morrice Hope u weren’t hiding there with my brother 😆

Brian Slevin I’m fairly sure we used to scoop the wine / cider there as youths Del Smith Darren Sim Ryan McDonald
Del Smith Sure did mate good times lol

Ryan McDonald Oh aye,tap cross was a regular haunt.Convenient opening in the bushes behind the bench for a quick escape from the rozzers.
Darren Sim Exhibition cider comes to mind
Thomas Barrett Had a wee seat there on the road back from Auchintibber.

Bill Graham Behind the park was some waste ground. There was a black corrugated iron building that the rag and bone man used to store the things he collected that was in the mid 1960s.
Jean Gibson My late uncle John Innes used to meet his pals here and they walked the backroads to Auchentibber, Udston and EK. He lived most of his life with Grannie in Nursery Place, married late in life and moved to Hillhouse but still met his friends for walking. A kind, quiet gentleman.
William Dickson played there many times at douglas street also walked the pit road many times past archie mac donalds scrap yard back road to hillhouse past the pit great days as a teenager
Arleen Perrie Is that Rhona’s hairdresser?

Johnd Dickson Bus stop for ek and glasgow wer beside it
Tam Broon We callled the shop woodsies just down from the hair dresser. Loved playing behind their
Stevie Mclean Sure there was a petrol station in between pub and cottage many moons ago or has my mind gone!!!
William Dickson yes there was a petrol station there
Jeanette Allardyce Ward I remember there being a petrol station there too x
Margaret Sanderson I had forgotten all about that petrol station, but, yes, it was there!
Blantyre Project picture of that coming up in March.
Stewart Willis Stevie Mclean I remember the petrol station and there was another garage the other side of the cross on the way up to Greenhall
William Dickson yes across the road from the church
Peter Mcsorley Wee John Murray stayed in cottage,owns it still,and woodseys was the sweetie shop
William Dickson also skellys shop next to the cottage
Peter Mcsorley William Dickson there was a hairdressers at the gable end I can’t remember what it was before that
William Dickson belong to white went to school with johnny at high blantyre primary
Blantyre Project the wee cottage is now the oldest house on main Street, (with exception to my own). It was built in 1823 and as you say Mr Murray does indeed still own it from afar.
Maggie Anderson William Dickson After the tenements were demolished did Mrs Skelly move her business into the wee cottage ? I seem to remember going into it as a shop or maybe my mind is playing tricks 😜
Moyra Lindsay Peter Mcsorley driving school when we bought it!
Moyra Lindsay Maggie Anderson Mrs Skelly died while I was working there so before 1980. Mrs woods took over. Also Pearl McMahon was there at one time. There was a house between the shop and the hairdresser entered at the back. Also one upstairs next to Mrs Skellys house. Must have been hellish conditions.
Higgins Martin Definitely a petrol station (I think it was BP – green and yellow at one point – or maybe just to wind up the Lodge above the Apollo! ) and definitely a sweet shop in one of the one level house/cottages….
Stephen Kelly Remember there was a hairdressers there years ago, probably around that time. I used to get my hair cut there
William Dickson that hairdressers was also a shop belong to the whites family
Stephen Kelly So it was. Just thought of that
Blantyre Project William Was that the White family that lived across the road at Croftfoot? (or near to it?)
William Dickson down the lane next to the polis houses 2 white familys lived there lan white now lives in east kilbride the other family moved down south years ago
Jackie MacDonald Janette Robertson who had hairdressers.
Hazel Aitken Was that building next to the wee cottage Woods Shop or was that the other side. Shop was brimming full of stuff.
Etta Morrison Moyra Lindsay were you the hairdresser xx
Moyra Lindsay From 1964 til 1973 it was rented out after that. At one time to Mary Archibalds daughter and another Tim to Sheena Hamilton. I can’t remember when it was sold to a sitting tenent. Probably late 80s. Hope you’re well.
Etta Morrison Thanks Moyra and I’m fine xx
Angela Kerr Was a wee ship before a hairdressers I remember buying scraps !!!!
Moyra Lindsay Blantyre Project I’ve probably told you a lot about that building so if you have any questions about 1964-1978 I could maybe help?
Margaret Lindner Memories…
Karen Menzies Remember many a day in that cottage x when I was Wee x and the shop next door sold scraps xx
Jay Peajohn Stone There was a BP petrol station owned by a Mr. Green at one point. He was married to a sister of my uncle.
Carole M Castle There was a petrol station my mum worked there for a while x
Beverley Orr My mum, Jannette Robertson, had the hairdressers there for a few years. Can’t remember exactly when but maybe 1980ish to mid 80’s.
Susan Harrison O’Hare I remember going there for a spiral perm!
Anne Irvine Not a great change from today I don’t think
Blantyre Project thats true.
Moyra Lindsay Blantyre Project Beverley your Gran Flo and my mum were cousins. She rented the shop from my mum. I had completely forgotten that.
Eleanor Clark Sandy do you have any photographs of Cemetery Road where our Granny stayed
Blantyre Project I have 2 photos coming in February and March of the Cemetery Road buildings from my own collection. They’re not the best though and dont show the whole buildings, only part of it and the gables.
Blantyre Project corner of the former buildings in Cemetery road beside the war memorial. probably 1930s 1940s.Manage

Image may contain: tree, sky, plant and outdoor
Jackie MacDonald Blantyre Project I lived in that building and re the family well who stayed in the cottage.

Margaret Elma Griffin I lived in that building no 16 and then no 20

Blantyre Project Thanks Jackie and Margaret. Do you know when the building was demolished, even what decade. This is an area i still have to investigate.
Jackie MacDonald Blantyre Project we moved to Camelon Crescent from there in 1964. All families were rehoused then. X
Margaret Elma Griffin I lived there from the age of 3 after moving from Broompark Road where I was born we left Cemetery Road in 1954/5 so I would say probably demolished sometime late 50s more probably early 60s I can remember quite a few of our neighbours

Margaret Elma Griffin I still have my parents Rent books and I believe the name of person who owned the whole building
Eleanor Clark Our granny stayed in 16 Cemetery Road until she had to leave as it was being demolished and she died in 1969 and the empty building was still standing then
Eleanor Clark I do not think that Margaret Elma Griffin stayed in 16 Cemetery Road
Kevin Campbell There used to be an arcade game called super breakout in the shop that all the wains played
Grant Forrest So what the story behind the cottage? Such a sorry sight nowadays with greenery growing through the roof.
Eleanor Connor John Murray ( as Wee John Murray ( as Peter has previously said ) owns and lived in it…. When the Council tried to put a Compulsory Purchase notice on it, John fought it and apparently won : Think John moved to Cambuslang years ago. A nice wee man who wasn’t goin’ to be dictated to, obviously. 💚 💛

Agnes Cook Paul, my great grandparents and their cousins built 159 and either 161 or 157 Main Street High blantyre. I’d be interested to know something regarding this.159 was the Thomson’s. the other may be under Turbett.

Justin Cullen I lived at 162 Main Street, until my parents moved to East Kilbride in the early 80’s.

Laura Dargue I used to get my spiral perms in that wee hairdressers 😂😂😂

Moyra Lindsay Not in my time!!
Samuel Rodger Yes I remember it well I used to pass it when I was going to my Grans who lived in Hamilton Drive Or “Up the Brickie “at that time 1940s 50s.
Kelly Edgar Used to be a brilliant wee sweetie shop there that sold bazooka joes

Richard Rankin There used to be a wee amusement arcade 1979 1981 or thereabouts
Robert Stewart If the cottage was occupied when this photo was taken, I’d say its earlier than 1989.
Bryan McDade Maggie Benson owned one of the cottages.

Christian Henderson I was jst trying to remember her name

Nicola Crowe i used to remember seeing the wee man that lived in that house out watering his plants at the gates
Jim McAllister Spot on Stevie
Lynn Mclean Elaine n catriona worked in the hairdressers tae.
John Mcdonald Paul, will you find out about George McNulty married to Anna are they still alive, Anna worked at Hoovers and George was a driver with the Richmond Park laundry, cheers John
Karen Nicoll Remember attending my highland dancing class in the Masonic hall, it was upstairs, I can see the hall in the photo , it was next door to the Apollo bar. My friends and I would go to the shop next to the cottage to buy sweets. My dance teacher was called Emma Holmes and we were both pupils of Jean Hislop school of dance .
Remember the small petrol station too .

Jean MacKie Brilliant sandy thanks for sharing photo x
Kirsty McIntosh There used to be a little hairdresser at the end of those cottages. I remember getting my ears pierced there
Andrew Hill Yip remember it well.
Johnd Dickson Used to go in to the we shop many moons ago

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  1. I recall in the 1950s there was a shop in tbe building selling china, ornaments etc. I passed it on my way to High Blantyre Primary School. I bought my mother a wee Dutch boy with white clogs as a birthday present. I still have the the piece. Hamish Dow

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